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First Chicken Pick-up

October 24, 2010

Friday was amazing! At 5am, Harv and I were alive and alert. In the twilight darkness of early morn, we picked up the chickens from the farm, which we had put into chicken crates the evening before. We made the short drive to Mifflinburg to Reiff’s Poultry Dressing. Eli made short work of our birds. We watched in amazement as our roosters were transformed into meat. I can not emphasize enough how much it matters to us how the birds are processed. Eli’s place is clean and chemical free. (Unlike industrial poultry slaughter which soaks chicken meat in bleach.) His is a labor of love, and we are happy to watch the entire process.

Then we packed our chickens on ice in our hi-tech coolers, and headed home. Once home, the sun was well up, and we felt the minutes ticking by. We put the cooled chickens into bags, weighed them and labeled them, and then quickly back on ice with them. Harv dropped off a big delivery of chickens to Emma’s Food For Life. And then a lovely stream of customers came to the house. One by one, the chickens disappeared from the cooler, and people left with expectant grins.

Giddy from such a good day, we headed out in the afternoon to move the remaining chicken tractors. We were struck by the beauty of the evening sun and the beautiful red maple leaves. Oh, but the very best moment was coming home and biting into our rotisserie-cooked, cajun-rubbed chicken. What a fantastic flavor! Rich and meaty, not dry at all. So full of flavor. We even made a chicken stock from the carcass, and we’re looking forward to tasting that too!  Our second batch is selling fast…. just saying.

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  1. Christina (S.A.V.E.) permalink
    October 24, 2010 5:18 pm

    It’s inspiring to see what you guys are doing and how much you care. I didn’t know industrial chickens were bleached. I’m starting to become so unnerved by the way our food is treated. It wasn’t until I realized that one of the most common bleaches they use for bread is benzoyl peroxide (that stuff in Clearasil and other pimple medications, which I am allergic to) that I realized why I sometimes feel horrible after I eat. I just don’t understand why we are in such a bleach-happy world. It can’t do anything good for the food we are eating. It actually takes some of the nutrients out of bread.
    Keep up the good work, guys. I hope you always try to hard to make healthy and sustainable food, that’s treated well.
    🙂 Thanks

  2. October 24, 2010 11:22 pm

    Thanks Christina!

    We are meeting more and more people who have a reaction to eating industrial meat, for exactly that reason.

    We always appreciate comments like these, because they re-energize us to keep on farming.

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