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Our office is beautiful

November 10, 2010

Why did we become farmers?  There’s a stereotype that farmers are not all that smart and definitely not successful. A decade ago, I thought I was going to study medicine and become a cardiovascular surgeon. Later I thought I’d be a field researcher for some environmental nonprofit. This wasn’t far-fetched dreaming. I had done exceptionally well in math and science courses. I had a passion for living things and figuring out how they work. This is not an argument against doctors and scientists, but I want to talk about why we went into farming instead of finding lucrative jobs and respected titles.

The first and foremost reason is that it feels good to grow food. In 2004, I worked for an amazing farmer at Abbe Hills Farm in Iowa. At the end of the day, I was dirty and sweaty and there were piles mountains of beautiful vegetables that I had grown. Customers came to the farm to pickup their vegetables. I watched kids play with barn kittens and chase chickens, moms chatting with each other while weighing green beans, and it felt overwhelmingly good. What a feeling. I went home feeling proud everyday. Honestly, there are not a lot of jobs that will give you that feeling.

Another reason? Harvey and I love good food. We take pleasure in cooking up creative and satisfying meals. And we are ever grateful to others who tinker in the kitchen, interested in good ingredients. We’re both long distance runners. (Running the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 21st.) So we eat a lot, and we’ve tasted the difference between meals made with homegrown ingredients and those made with industrial, factory-farmed ingredients.

As more and more of our food supply is taken over by massive corporations, we rebel by raising chickens, breaking into the dirt to plant seeds. And we are ever more excited as you all to join with us. Many people have jumped on the Serious Farms bandwagon by purchasing chicken. But we want to do so much more besides just sell chicken. We want to create a farm that is a complex ecosystem. We want to produce eggs, veggies, honey, mushrooms, and eventually pork, lamb, beef, milk, cheese, and yogurt!

We are really happy. Working outdoors in the fresh air and in the most beautiful office ever… that is one reason we became farmers.

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