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A whole chicken?

November 11, 2010

Ok, we don’t all want to roast an entire bird all the time. What are we supposed to do with all these whole chickens?

Well, first of all, cutting them up into the traditional 8 pieces (plus the back) is not all that tricky. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll feel proud of your kitchen alchemy… transforming that chicken into pieces really does feel a bit powerful. Here’s a fantastic video that shows very simply how it’s done.

Second of all, just put the bird in a pan, rub with rosemary (optional), garlic, salt and pepper. (Optionally, you can cut up a few tablespoons of butter into small pieces  and sprinkle that on top.) Toss it into a 325°F oven for 45-60 minutes. Baste every so often. (Don’t have a baster? Just use a big spoon to scoop up the juices and pour over the bird to keep it moist.) You’ll know it’s done if you stab it with a knife and clear juice runs out. Or use a meat thermometer. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. (You might want to cover it in foil for this part to keep it warm.) Then invite me over to assist in devouring that delicious chicken!

What to do with the carcass? Toss it in a pot of water and boil to make chicken soup stock. Feel free to add herbs and spices. What? Two meals out of one chicken? Yeah, that’s right. And these chickens are sooo good, that you’ll be glad to get another meal out of them!

Do you have a great chicken recipe? Email it to me or send me the link if it’s online, and we’ll make a section of this website for recipes. ( Feel free to send photos if you want.

In other news, tomorrow is our last chicken pick-up before spring. Harvey and I are excited about it, but we’re sure we’ll miss spending time taking care of the chickens. They are fantastic and funny creatures, and we really do like the work of raising them. At least the spring offers promise of new projects… coming soon:

  • Build a hoophouse
  • Build another chicken tractor
  • Build an egg-mobile
  • Raise chicks
  • and more…
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