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Chicken/Egg CSA order info and an early spring update.

March 1, 2011

(March 25th Edit: We have canceled the 2011 Chicken/Egg CSA shares. Instead we’re focusing on vegetables. Next year, we hope to offer chicken and eggs again. For more details, please see our more recent post:


We’ve been visiting potential farm land throughout January and February, hunting for some nearby land to rent for this year. As the winter winds down, it looks as if one of two options will pan out for us. We should know more in the next week or so. We couldn’t have found these great bits of land without helpful friends keeping their eyes peeled. We will, of course let everyone know when we’ve officially solved the land issue.

In the meantime, we continue reading, planning and ordering seed. We’re getting the grow table ready to start nursing cool-weather crops, like cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts. (I’m pretty excited for the red brussels!) Outside, we’re seeing a burst of life in the cold frames. The spinach is flourishing. And a few garlic shoots are poking out from the soil.

I’m just finishing a fantastic book by Carol Depp, The Resilient Gardener. I’ve saved seed before, but I’ve never selected seed and maintained (or improved) a seed line. Depp goes indepth, giving instructions on how to breed your own vegetable seeds– specifically corn, squash and beans. She also talks about growing potatoes and raising ducks for eggs. It’s a good read for any gardener or farmer interested in growing a reliable food supply.

Also, we’re starting a vermiculture bin— a worm bin. We have a fantastic compost pile in the backyard, but we want to raise some extra red worms for trout fishing, so we’re starting an indoor composting bin that is run by worms. We had one back in Chicago, and it’s a great way to compost most kitchen scraps indoors. It also can’t help to have some extra compost for nursing our seedlings.

Other notes: Harv’s got shitake mushroom spores. Saturday we brewed a big batch of beer with Harv’s Dad and brother. Jen has been painting and is participating in a group art show. We’ve declared this the beginning of the spring running season.

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