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Vegetable seedlings

April 15, 2011

We’ve been busy tending vegetable seedlings. If you’re a gardener, or interested in starting a garden, you might be interested in purchasing seedlings from Serious Farms. If you have never grown a tomato, this might be the year that you do. Come visit our stand at the Selinsgrove Farmers Market on opening day, May 14th. We’ll hook you up with heirloom and open-pollinated seedlings and help to answer questions or give basic advice. Why is it so important for us to grow open-pollinated vegetables? We can save open-pollinated seeds from year to year, unlike hybrid plants, where you have to purchase seeds every year. As we save our own seed, we select from the strongest plants. Over time, the seed line adapts to our specific climate and we actually improve the seed line.

Our tomatoes just started germinating. They are a long way off from the lush plants heavy with fruit that they will become in the summer. I can not wait to bite into a big, flavorful heirloom tomato, but these tiny tomato plants have a lot of growing to do before then. Our pepper plants are all looking good also. You can tell I am excited for peppers, because I’ve been saving recipes for chili, salsa, soups, stuffed peppers and more. If you would like to grow our broccoli, cabbage or rhubarb, please email us and arrange a time to pick them up, because those should get planted soon. They can take a slight frost and we’ve been putting the seedlings outside so they are already cold-hardy. I’ve listed most of our varieties available for sale below. If you are interested in other varieties of seedlings, please email me. ( Further below, you’ll find photos of our beautiful and healthy seedlings.

Vegetable Seedlings


Mortgage Lifter

Peacevine Cherry Tomato

Jaune Flamme Tomato

Black Krim Tomato

Pink Brandywine Tomato

Ida Gold Tomato

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato

Principe Borghese Cherry Tomato

Gilbertie Paste Tomato

Heirloom Rainbow Blend– variety grab bag!


King of the North Sweet Pepper

Jimmy Nardellos Sweet Pepper

Feherozon Sweet Pepper

Antohi Romanian Sweet Pepper

Ho Chi Minh Hot Pepper

Anaheim Hot Pepper

Ancho Poblano Pepper


De Cicco Broccoli

Limba Broccoli

Blend of Broccoli– Harvest over a longer time.


Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Golden Acre Cabbage

Des Vertus Savoy Cabbage

Rhubarb – Plant once and it will come back every year.

Glaskins Perpetual

More coming soon about Serious Farms herbs and flowers!

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