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May 27, 2011

In this update:

  • Market Update
  • News from the Field
Market Update
On Saturday, from 9-1, we’re offering the following:
  • Salad Mix (leaf lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, and pea shoots)
  • Tom Thumb Lettuce
  • Baby Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Baby Kale
  • Potted Basil
  • Cut Flowers (Lots of sweet-smelling peonies this week!)
News from the Field

What a fantastic week for growing things. Our onions are bursting forth from the ground, 150 tomato plants finally got transplanted from their too-small pots into the ground and many kinds of corn were planted (both sweet and popping). The sweet peas are flowering, meaning we’ll see pea pods forming soon, and the lettuce is absolutely delighted by the weather.

We can’t help it- we’re really proud of our Salad Mix. It’s not just lettuce. It also has baby spinach, arugula and pea shoots. The pea shoots are great, because they actually taste like sweet peas.

We’ve noticed some things bolting early. (When plants bolt, they send up a flowering stalk. This means the plant is no longer putting energy into making green leaves.) Our friend, Dan, who visited us this week from a Pittsburgh area CSA farm, told us they are having the same problem. He suspects plants are bolting due to the heavy rains washing away nutrients from the soil. The plants give up growing their tasty leaves and start bolting in an effort to make seeds. We’ve seen this in some of the arugula, chard and now spinach. Hoping to counter the problem, we started side-dressing plants with composted leaves, adding organic matter and nitrogen to the soil.

We focus on saving seed from one season to the next, instead of always buying seed. This week, we harvested seed from spinach and miner’s lettuce (claytonia). I can’t wait until the fall, when we’ll have another harvest of the miner’s lettuce. It is my absolute favorite salad green, because of it’s sweet flavor and almost creamy texture. It felt really good to be putting seeds back into the seed packet.

Our seasonal recipe of the week features parsley, which receives little attention, but is a fantastic green, packed with flavor and nutrition. I think parsley and potatoes were meant to go together, so we’re sharing a Roasted Parsley Potato recipe. Stop by our table at this week’s Selinsgrove Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 9am-1pm and get your copy of the recipe.

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