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Are you a Serious CSA Member?

December 8, 2011

This year has been fantastic for Serious Farms, and next year is shaping up to be even better. We’re happy to offer Serious CSA Shares for the 2012 growing season. We encourage potential members to sign up as early as possible to help us plan how much food to grow.

We genuinely enjoy sharing our story with you of growing food and starting a farm, and we know that many of you want more than just a grocery-store interaction. We want to get to know our community better and develop a strong sense of connection to one another. We take pride in offering you and your family the same food that we eat. We know it is healthy and delicious. Together, we are developing a communal dining table. This is strikingly different from the relationship with industrial food. The story behind their food is invisible. Kids grow up unaware that potatoes grow underground. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) takes us a step in the right direction, reducing the commodification of food.

By becoming a Serious CSA member, you will get to know your farm, your food source. We encourage people to visit our garden and we welcome you to share your gardening adventures with us. Know that you are helping a small family farm get started. We’re planting seeds, but you are planting a very important seed.

As most of you know, we’re looking for a farm not too far from Selinsgrove. In the mean time, we continue to grow a variety of veggies in our garden at home and at the community garden. We’re applying for loans and meeting with realtors. Your commitment to Serious CSA will help us to get access to good land. In a very real and concrete way, you are preserving local and sustainable agriculture.

The average age of farmers is on the rise. About 40% of farmers are age 55 or older. This is connected to the commodification of food. The corn farmer is getting squeezed for every penny, because the industry that purchases corn from him wants more profit. The CSA model is a breakthrough. Food goes directly from farmer to eater, insuring that 100% of the food value goes to the farmer- not the industrial food corporations. It also insures that farmers can grow a variety of veggies. Monoculture causes devastation to the local ecosystem, and usually it relies on chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Most CSAs use organic methods and plant a wide variety of crops, a much more sustainable approach. CSA is on the rise. Serious Farms is not the only farm getting started. Lots of other beginning farmers are building reality from dreams. This is part of a much bigger movement.

Many people become CSA members in order to eat more vegetables. Other people join, because CSA shares often include vegetables that you can not get at the local grocery store. For example, our salad mix is always changing, and at one point this summer it included arugula, mizuna, purslane and parsley. This vitamin-packed and delicious combination can’t be found anywhere else. Serious CSA members will enjoy a wide variety of veggies every week for 20 weeks, and we’ll share recipes to inspire you throughout the season.

Want to learn more about our CSA? Check out the FAQ section of our website. It offers many details about what you can expect from Serious CSA. So join us. For your health, your community, and for the future of local, sustainable farming.

Serious CSA Membership Form

In any season, we hope you’re eating well. Questions? Comments? Send them to us at

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