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A new season

February 11, 2013

It may be winter, but the sun is rising earlier and setting later each day, reminding us that spring is on its way. This year is exciting for us, as we’ve learned a lot from our first CSA season. We look forward to growing more of the big heirlooms and less of the mid-sized tomatoes. With kale, we hope to find the middle road and produce not too much and not too little either. Our field map looks like a square dance, as our crops rotate depending on their plant family.

It is hard for us to imagine the warmth of July along with the accompanying need for sunblock and a broad-brimmed hat. In contrast, our garden is currently hibernating, tucked in under a quilt of snow. It is tempting to follow suite and lounge idle until spring thaws the soil. However, we’re planning our planting schedule, preparing our own homemade potting soil, building an indoor grow table to start seedlings, and taking membership forms for the 2013 CSA season. In short, we’re working hard to make this year even better than last.

If you would like to join Serious CSA, please download our membership form here.

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