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Our Farm Story

Serious Farms Mission:

Serious Farms produces healthy and delicious food by improving the soil and encouraging biodiversity.

We are a small farm, and we intend to stay that way, refusing to follow the industrial food paradigm of “bigger is better.”  We are eco-agriculture farmers, meaning that we see our role as stewards of the environment and keepers of the soil.  When the soil is healthy, the vegetables we produce are healthy.

We are well aware of the disparity between high-income people who have access to higher quality foods and lower-income people who do not have such access.  We not only believe that food is a human right, but that good food is a human right.  We aim to find creative ways to give more people access to our food by way of exchanging volunteer labor on the farm for credit toward our food, donating excess food to local food banks and homeless shelters, and teaching people to grow and raise their own food. In addition, CSA members are invited to pay a little extra to help subsidize a share for somebody who can’t afford to pay the full price.

We believe whole-heartedly in collaboration.  Instead of competing with other farmers, we want to learn from each other and share our knowledge.  If we act like the big companies that have taken over our food, then we are no better than them. If you want to learn from us, we are willing to teach and share, and we want to learn from you also.

Our entire operation is open for anyone to see. Unlike factory farms that maintain a closed-door policy, we offer transparency. Many people are seeking to re-connect with where their food comes from, and we welcome anyone to visit the farm. Please visit the Contact Serious Farms page to arrange a farm visit.

Serious Farms History:

Harvey Partica and Jen Schneidman started Serious Farms together in August 2010. Without land, it is difficult to farm, however after reading stories of other farmers who started by renting land, we set out in search of doing the same. As luck would have it, Giles and Marcia Wickham at Mystic Springs Farm offered to share their land in Sunbury with us. Mystic Springs is a vegetable CSA. We started by raising pastured poultry. The chickens benefited the garden by providing fertilizer and controlling insect populations that could otherwise damage the vegetables.

Focusing on another aspect of small farm production, Serious Farms began to grow a variety of heirloom and open-pollinated vegetables at our home and the Community Garden in Selinsgrove in 2011. These vegetables and seedlings, herbs and flowers were for sale at the Selinsgrove Farmers Market.

We’re delighted to now offer CSA shares for the 2012 growing season. We continue to search for a small farm (5 to 20 acres) to buy, or land near Selinsgrove to lease.

Serious Farms is a proud member of the following organizations:

Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

Seed Savers Exchange

Cornucopia Institute

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